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A Strategic Resource: Procurement Partner Program

The Pipeline: Strategies is a registered government entity and is WOSB and EDWOSB-certified providing strategic resources for a variety of international, national, state, local, and municipal government agencies.  Our program benefits your organization or business through privileged and restricted access to government awards for contracts and grants.

The Art Of People Strategies

The synergy between business goals and people processes. It is a well-thought-out system of people practices that ensures alignment and maps an overall organizational strategy.

Human Capital & People Policies

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

Training & Leadership

Business Resumption

Organizational Psychology

Branding As An Employer Of Choice

Branding as an Employer of Choice communicates the individuality or uniqueness of your organization while promoting it as a preferred place to work.

Assess & Analyze

Corporate Culture

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

People Power

Business Goals

Creative Solutions

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 Cerebral Communications

Our proprietary formatting bonds the reader with information that can trigger a recall to pursue additional information.  Use in learning publications, SOPs, investor reports, and corporate communications.

Presentations & Videos

Increasing visibility, penetrating markets, and targeting opportunities through creative campaigns via marketing videos, infographics, and shorts & reels.

Photography & Videography

Photography, videography, & aerial cinematography, complemented with post-production services to ensure a professional branding or event experience.


Detailing Our Services

What Type Of Brands Do You Have In The Pipeline?

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The Pipeline: Strategies works with brands that have a need for people strategies and marketing solutions. Yes, that's a broad answer because we focus on the people side of things. Every industry and brand has people at the helm of everything.  We don't classify activity according to brand or industry - We classify according to people strategy need.                                                                                                  Exception - Industries we specialize - FinServ and plant-based medicinals.  Being highly regulated industries, have confidence we adhere to compliance along with federal, state, & local ordinances.  

What Does It Mean To Brand As An Employer Of Choice?

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"Attract, recruit, and retain."  Branding as an Employer of Choice communicates the individuality or uniqueness of your organization while promoting it as a preferred place to work. Essential to attracting and creating ideal professionals, it is equally important to hone and retain existing talent. When all components of branding as an Employer of Choice are in place, it becomes a turnkey talent management solution, saving precious recruiting and retention budgets.   Incorporating people strategies while branding as an Employer of Choice helps to attract ideal professionals and candidates who are aligned with your way of doing business. Bonus - these same professionals BELIEVE they can THRIVE in your corporate brand.

What Marketing Solutions Does The Pipeline: Strategies Provide?

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Video styles differ according to branding need. One option is consulting with The Pipeline: Strategies' in-house professional who has an impressive portfolio of camera work (photography, film & videography, drone) and post-production services.   The second option is geared for branding as an Employer of Choice, corporate communications, branding assets and collateral, training, and event presentations that include recruitment marketing & creative campaigns, marketing videos & logo reveals, trainer guides, presentations, and event planning. We create customized events, presenting your brand to target markets; as well as collaborative pop-ups, increasing visibility while introducing products to public.

What Is The Adult Learning Method Of Andragogy?

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Andragogy refers to methods and principles used in adult education and, literally, means "leading man."   Typically used in training & development, andragogy holds six design principles:  1.  The need to know why adults need to learn something.  2. The need to build on experience. 3. The need to feel responsible for learning. 4. The need to solve an immediate problem being the impetus to learn something. 5. Adults want their training to be problem-focused. 6. Adults learn best when motivation comes intrinsically.

Have your team learn andragogy.  Perfect for training & development, sales, marketing, organizational creatives and Chiefs of Staff.

Why Should I Join The Pipeline: Strategies Patreon Tiers?

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The Pipeline: brand was born from the idea that organizations function from people pipelines, while marketing solutions created through adult learning theory form a unique bonding experience between the brand and consumer.  Combine the two and you have a powerful strategy to bring people to your brand – as an Employer of Choice or as a loyal consumer. Get your strategy by jumping into The Pipeline.

What Is The Procurement Partner Program?

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A paid membership program to receive access to privileged and restricted access government awards (contracts and awards).  There are active and pending membership tiers.

What Are People Strategies?

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People strategies is the synergy between business goals and people processes. It is a well-thought-out system of people practices that ensures this alignment maps to the overall organizational strategy.       It is not one department, rather, an amalgamation of human resources, training & leadership development, talent acquisition & recruiting, organizational efficiency, business resumption & emergency preparedness, and industrial/organizational psychology.  

What Sets Your Proprietary Formatting Style Apart From Others?

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Digital presentations, publications and documents are formatted in a proprietary formatting style that includes a method of adult learning. We prefer using this formatting style instead of APJ style because it creates a bond between the reader and the brand, product, or content, in addition to being an educational medium.   

Our proprietary formatting style is used in a variety of mediums and purposes.

Do You Provide Marketing Solutions For Any Industry Or Client?

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Absolutely! We enjoy bridging the creative process with adult learning methods for making impacts with campaigns, events, and markets.   Simply schedule a call to speak details. We look forward to your exciting project!  

Do You Have A Strategic Partnership Program?

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Yes! The Pipeline: Strategies collaborates with Strategic Development Partners, depending on industry. Please schedule time via our calendar (found in footer).   You can also join The Pipeline: Strategies' Direct-Connect Networking tier to get the best kind of strategic partnership hookup.

Are You A Government Contractor?

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YES!  We are an active registered government entity, with WOSB and EDWOSB certifications.  We welcome subcontracting opportunities with prime contractors as well as requests from Procurement Officers.

Is The Procurement Partner Program Open To All Industries?

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The Pipeline: Strategies works with all industries.

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